Middle School CTE Programs

DC Public Schools (DCPS) Department of Career Technical Education is committed to supporting middle school CTE courses and career skill integration. Our goal is to increase CTE exposure, awareness, and ensure high-quality career programming that prepares middle school students, if desired, to pursue CTE pathways in the feeder and/or city-wide high schools. Middle school CTE programming bridges academics to career and college options. Providing realistic career development opportunities and educational choices equip students with useful transferrable skills.

DCPS provides Middle School CTE programming through traditional career-focused course offerings (electives) and through quality career-based learning opportunities.

Career-Based Learning

The district provides career-based learning opportunities through its Career & College Clubs, as well as support for other career exposure activities such a field trips and guest speakers.. Career & College clubs are research-based colleges and career preparation programs that seek to better prepare students for their high school options. Participation helps students understand the steps needed to make smart choices for high school, college, and career. Through the clubs, students have access to college and career inventories, job shadowing opportunities, college and career field trips, and engagement with industry partners.

CTE Middle School Courses

DCPS Middle Schools have access to a wide-range of CTE course electives to offer their students. Below is a list of these CTE course electives with course descriptions:

Guide to College and Career Academies

Beginning in school year 2021-22, all DCPS 8th grade students will receive a personalized Guide to College and Career Academies. This guide shares information about the NAF College and Career Academies available at the student’s in-boundary school and high schools across DCPS.

Read more about the Guide to College and Career Academies. If your middle school does not currently offer CTE courses and is interested in CTE programming, please contact the Director, Career Preparedness Programs, Crystal Smith. The CTE department is eager to collaborate with schools to expand CTE opportunities to students.