Work Based Learning (WBL)

DCPS’ Work Based Learning Continuum

Work-based learning allows students to connect classroom experiences with industry professionals and work experiences. Students that are exposed to Work-based learning opportunities collect tools that will support their “Career Ready” success.

Level 1 course: Career Exploration


Students participate in at least two Career Exploration WBL experiences in this course, which might include guest speakers and workplace tours relevant to the program of study.

Level 2 course: Career Awareness


Students participate in at least two Career Awareness Work-based Learning experiences in this course, which might include informational interviews or job shadowing relevant to the program of study.

Level 3 course: Career Preparation


Students participate in a Career Preparation WBL experience in this course, which includes paid or unpaid internship experiences relevant to the program of study.

Level 4 course: Career Preparation


Students participate in a Career Preparation Work-based Learning experience in this course, which includes paid or unpaid internship, pre-apprenticeship, or apprenticeship experiences relevant to the program of study.

Details on each of the course levels are provided below. To access more information on Work-Based Learning and/or Internships, please visit DCPS Internships.

Level I Course: Career Exploration 

Career Exploration allows students to gain relevant experiences from top companies. DCPS’ CTE department is excited to offer program specific worked-based learning opportunities to meet, speak, and explore companies. The following companies have participated in guest speaker panels or work-place tours:

Featured Guest Speakers and Career Panels:

  • Accenture Hour of Code & Guest Speakers & OCTO (IT)
  • Donohoe Hospitality, Marriott Headquarters, Destination DC (Hospitality)
  • ESPN (Mass Media)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (Engineering)
  • Medstar Health, Children’s National, Georgetown Medical (Health Sciences)
  • Navy Nuclear Engineering, Commercial Real Estate Women Luncheon Series (Engineering)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • United Airlines & AeroClub DC Careers in Aviation (Engineering)
  • USA Today (Mass Media)

Featured Work-Place Tours:

  • Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) “My Health, My Community, My Future” (Health Sciences) 
  • DC Water (Engineering) 
  • Destination DC/American Experience Foundation Backyard Bound DC Trip (Hospitality) 
  • District Department of Transportation (Engineering) 
  • Events DC (Hospitality) 
  • Exelon Innovation Expo (Engineering) 
  • Lockheed Martin (IT & Engineering) 
  • Marriott Marquis in NYC (Hospitality) 
  • Metropolitan Police Department Tactical Village (Anacostia Public Leadership) 
  • NIH/Mentoring in Medicine Annual Science Day (Health Sciences) 
  • Sirius XM Satellite (IT) 
  • Washington Postproduction Tour (Mass Media) 
  • WMATA Bus Garage Tour (Ballou Auto-technology) 

Level II Course: Career Awareness 

Job Shadow Days and Informational Interviews are great ways to expose students to different career interest. Through school, program, and company collaborations, students participate in numerous career awareness events.

Featured Job Shadow Days:

  • Children’s National Hospital, National Institutes of Health, George Washington Hospital (Health Sciences)
  • Masseria & Officina Restaurant (Culinary Arts)
  • National Gallery of Art, Conrad Washington DC Hotel, District Experience (Hospitality)
  • SK&A Engineers, McKissack & McKissack, Architect of the Capitol

Featured Informational Informational Interview:

  • Destination DC
  • Marriott International

Level III Course: Career Preparation 

Students get hands on training and experience from paid/unpaid internships. The CTE department works closely with students, schools, and companies to ensure that students participate in impactful internship experiences.

Featured Paid/Unpaid Internships:

  • DC National Guard (Public Leadership)
  • DC Student Construction Trades Foundation (Electrical, HVAC, Carpentry)
  • DCPS Career Ready Internship Program-Summer Internships
  • Destination DC (Hospitality)
  • District Department of Transportation (Engineering)
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) (Health Sciences)
  • Genesys Works Internship
  • Georgetown Medical Gateway Exploration Program (Health Sciences)
  • Hyatt Regency (Hospitality)
  • Metropolitan Police Department/DC Police Foundation (Public Leadership)
  • NAF Future Ready Lab – Verizon & KPMG (IT & Engineering)
  • On Ramps – Georgetown University Information Systems (IT)
  • On Ramps Accenture (IT)
  • Restaurant Association of Metro Washington (RAMW) (Culinary Arts)
  • SK&A Engineers (Engineering)
  • Urban Alliance High School Internship Program

Level IV Course: Career Preparation 

Cooperative Education gives students the opportunity to bridge the gap between the classroom and workforce. DCPS is eager to continue to strengthen the Cooperative Education opportunities.

Featured Cooperative Education Opportunities:

  • Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship
  • CityWorks DC Career Wise DC-Youth Apprenticeships (Coming School Year 2021-2022)
  • DC National Guard
  • DCPS Career Bridge Program-School Year Internships and Pre-Apprenticeships
  • DCPS Career Ready Internship Program-Summer Internships
  • Donohoe Hospitality & Hyatt Regency
  • Pepco
  • RCM Healthcare
  • Tenacity Professional Skills Curriculum