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Foreign Service and Diplomacy

Students in the Foreign Service and Diplomacy program of study will investigate the knowledge and skills necessary for ever-evolving careers in Foreign Service, explore political science theories and careers, and learn essential communication, research, and writing skills.

Course Sequence:Course Sequence:

Level I- Principals of Government and Public Administration (1.0)

  • Introduces students to foundations of governmental functions and career opportunities within the United States and abroad.
  • Students will examine governmental documents such as the U.S. Constitution, current U.S. Supreme Court and federal court decisions, and the Bill of Rights. 

Level II- Foreign Service and Diplomacy (1.0)

  • Students will investigate the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in foreign service.
  • The course includes law, history, media communication, and international relations associated with the diplomatic environment. 

*Levels III and IV are TBD. Additional course details will be provided upon request.

Schools offering Foreign Service and Diplomacy

Roosevelt High School

Associated Industry Jobs/Careers:

  • Economists
  • Government Executives and Legislators
  • Government Lawyers
  • Political Scientists
  • Public Interest Advocates
  • Top Executives

Associated College Majors:

  • Area Studies
  • Global Studies
  • History
  • International Business
  • International Relations
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Political Science and Government
  • Prelaw Studies